Anushika Shoots… And Scores! After Meeting LA Galaxy Star Steven Gerrard! Autographs! Photos! And More!

Anushika is a huge fan of Soccer and she loves one Steven Gerrard. He just recently signed with the LA Galaxy and had a fan meet and greet!

How cool is that? Anushika had a great time and they really treated the fans awesome!

Check out Anushika’s encounter with Steven Gerrard below!

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I wasn’t so sure about sharing this story since most of my friends aren’t into soccer, but I need more soccer fans around me. Hoping to meet more soccer fanatics to catch a game. Anyway, I follow pretty much every league except for MLS. I know, I’m awful. Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool legend, retired England national team captain recently signed up with the LA Galaxy. YES!!!!!! Who knows, maybe I might just start following MLS now. I LOVE Stevie G.!!! I was more than excited when I heard about his move. Gerrard was introduced during the July 4th game!

Thanks to a random soccer blog, I found out about an advance chance to see none other than Stevie G. himself practice with the Galaxy players. I ran down to the stadium as soon as I got off work. There was no way I was going to miss out. It almost seemed too good to be true, but oh well I took my chances and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!

I arrived pretty early and decided to chill under a tree. It was HOT! After a while, a few more fans showed up and we started checking in. We all got wristbands.

Steven Gerrard meet and greet LA Galaxy practice 5

I loved the crowd since they were all fans, no crazy dealers being rude and annoying. The day just keeps getting better. Security walk us all in and they actually had seats set up for us. That was nice. The sun was really beating down, but no one seemed to care since we were all distracted by the players. Gerrard entered the field with Robbie Keane. AAHHHHH!!!! I can’t believe I’m actually seeing him right in front of me.

Steven Gerrard meet and greet LA Galaxy practice 5

Since Gerrard’s “Official” 1st practice was scheduled for July 7th, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures. The staff promised us a chance to actually meet Stevie G., so I had no complains. I behaved. Yes, it killed me not being able to take any shots during practice, but I totally understood and respected it. Gerrard looked good on the field. He already looked pretty fit and I can’t wait to see him play. This man is so firkin sweet and humble. He actually came over to us and went down the entire line greeting every single one of us and shaking our hands. OMG!!!!! I JUST TOUCHED STEVEN GERRARD!!!! For a kid who was completely melting in the heat, my whole body froze immediately.

After practices we were all escorted to the Champions Lounge, where they had water waiting for us. I grabbed a bottle and found a corner to cool off. The staff was super friendly and very professional. They made sure everything went smoothly. I wish more fan events could be like this one. Props for the fans too. None of them caused any trouble.

Steven Gerrard meet and greet LA Galaxy practice 5Steven Gerrard meet and greet LA Galaxy practice 5

Before I knew it, I saw Steven Gerrard walking up and I scrambled to get my phone. All I managed to get was this blurry mess. Fail!

Steven Gerrard meet and greet LA Galaxy practice 5

Oh well, we all lined up to have our own one-on-one meet with Stevie G.

Steven Gerrard meet and greet LA Galaxy practice 5

When it was my time one of the staff members were kind enough to hold my bag while I walked toward him. OMG!!!!! It’s all a blur. I think I was just way too excited. Duh! Anyway, I think I mumbled a “Hi!” and thanked him and wished him good luck. I think. Oh dear, I don’t even know. Steven was super sweet and thanked us for coming and supporting.

He signed his LA Galaxy jersey for us all and took pictures.

Steven Gerrard meet and greet LA Galaxy practice 5

Honesty, I would rather have him sign my England jersey, but time was a factor and I didn’t wanted to push my luck. Who knows maybe I’ll get lucky at a game. Keeping my fingers crossed. I skipped my way out of the stadium and within the next hour, the staff already sent us a link to our photos. I mean they are the best! I can’t thank them enough. Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for anything else.

Steven Gerrard meet and greet LA Galaxy practice 5

Good Luck to Steven Gerrard. I’m sure he’ll be fantastic. I can NOT wait to see him on the pitch.

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