Super Short Thursday?! Madonna Blond Ambition World Tour 1990 Edition! Scotty Expresses Himself After Meeting The Strike A Pose Dancers!

Super Short Thursday – Madonna Blond Ambition World Tour 1990 Edition

October 19, 2016

By: Scott

I know you were all waiting like crazy for my Super Short Sunday entry.  Life took over, and I could not meet my deadline.  Ha ha!  This week, I am writing about meeting the dancers from Madonna’s Blond Ambition World Tour in 1990.  I saw Madonna’s tour that year.  It was my first concert ever and probably one of the most iconic live shows of all time.

Madonna had the tour, and what happened on the road, shot as a documentary.   As such, viewers got a closer look into Madonna’s life, as well as, a glimpse of the dancers’ lives.  After fans saw the movie multiple times, we all felt like we knew the dancers.  The dancers were celebrities in their own right.

A documentary has been made called, “Strike A Pose.”  It catches viewers up of what has happened to the dancers since the documentary was shot.  The movie was both interesting and touching.  It is a must see.  I was lucky enough to see the documentary over the summer and meet most of the dancers.  I had them sign my tour book and got pictures with them.  Thank you Oliver, Luis, Slam, Carlton, Kevin, and Niki for taking the time to meet and speak with me!

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