Super Star Saturday! Dreamcar Edition! Scotty Flips Over The Guys From No Doubt and Davey Havok of AFI!

Super Star Saturday – Dreamcar Edition
August 26, 2017
By: Scott

This week’s Super Star Saturday focus is the guys from Dreamcar. Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, and Adrian Young are best known as members of No Doubt. Currently, they are on tour with Davey Havok of AFI promoting their new group’s album. The guys from No Doubt have always been INCREDIBLY kind to fans. I have also had a positive interaction with Davey.
I recently attended their concert in Los Angeles and the guys put on an amazing show for the fans. I was able to get in a front row spot and had the best time. I also became a new fan of Davey Havok as a live performer. I have never been an AFI fan, but Davey was full of energy and charisma that night, and made me a fan.

The setlist was as follows:

After I Confessed
The Assailant
Born to Lie
Slip on the Moon
The Preferred
Just What I Needed (The Cars cover)
On The Charts
Do Nothing
Ever Lonely
Don’t Let Me Love
Show Me Mercy
Suffragette City (David Bowie cover)
All of the Dead Girls
Ready Steady Go (Generation X cover)
Kill For Candy

Thank you, Dreamcar for putting on a great show and being good to your fans. This album is perfection. If you have not heard the new album, do yourself a favor and buy it!


After I Confessed:

Do Nothing:

All of the Dead Girls:

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