Super Short Sunday! Scotty Exclaims, “If you leave… Just Sign My Albums!” After Meeting 80s Icons OMD!

Super Short Sundays – OMD Edition – Part Deux
March 17, 2019
By: Scott

This should probably be a “Super Star” Saturday, but I am writing about another amazing encounter with OMD for my Sunday column. OMD was in town, and I had a few more things for them to sign. I didn’t think I would be able to finish everything, but luckily there were some fans waiting who didn’t have anything to sign and just wanted a quick picture. They all agreed to help me. Andy, Paul, and Martin were all incredibly friendly. I was able to get all my albums done, with help, and got a photo with each band member. Thank you, Andy, Paul, and Martin for being so AMAZING to your fans!

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