Super Short Sundays! Scotty Meets Kylie Minogue! Autographs! Photos! Kylie Awesomeness!

Scotty sent in a short recap of his meeting Kylie Minogue. We are huge fans of Kylie here at Mike The Fanboy! Check out Scotty’s short story and photos below!
Meeting Kylie Minogue
By: Scott

I heard Kylie was going to be accepting an award at an event in Hollywood. I wasn’t sure how accessible the event would be, but I took my chances and headed down. Kylie did show and signed as she left the event. I couldn’t believe it happened. It was a quick meeting, but AWESOME! Thank you Kylie for making my day!
I also want to send a big thank you to Esther and Frank for sending me more photos. I was only able to take one during my “Fan Out” moment. Ha ha!




Check out the gallery below!

Kylie 4


Kylie 1

Kylie 2

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