Super Star Monday? Scotty Yells, “Call Me Anytime!” After Meeting Blondie’s Debbie Harry! Autographs And More!

“Super Star” Monday – Debbie Harry Edition
August 13, 2018
By: Scott

This week’s “super star” has been awesome to me in the past and continues to be fan friendly. I am speaking about the iconic Debbie Harry. She came over when we called her name. She told us to be cool and that she would sign for each of us. I was able to get my “Call Me” 7 inch signed. This song reminds me of Friday nights and pizza when I was five years old. I love that I have it signed and in my collection. Thank you, Debbie for being so amazing. You are a “super star” in my book!

Debbie Harry signed blondie lp cover are

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