Super Star Saturday! Killers Edition! Scotty Talks About How Awesome The Band Is And “Cautions” Anyone To Say Otherwise!

“Super Star” Saturday – The Killers Edition
March 21, 2020
By: Scott

Today is my birthday. Never in a million years would I have ever thought that I would be spending my birthday in quarantine. Luckily with the help of my family, friends, and Zoom, everyone joined me online for a surprise birthday celebration. It made my quarantine birthday so much better. In addition to this surprise, The Killers made an appearance during Jimmy Kimmel’s “Quarantine Minilogue.” I have been watching Kimmel’s posts each night, and was beyond excited to find that The Killers were taking part of yesterday’s appearance. Brandon and Ronnie played the group’s new single “Caution” in the bathroom. Yes, in the bathroom! It was amazing and just showed the talents of the band. What a great pre-birthday present!

the killers imploding the mirage

I chose this as my entry this week because the guys from The Killers are always very fan friendly. They also always seem to have some surprise during the time of my birthday. In 2016, I went to see New Order, on my birthday, in Las Vegas and Brandon made a surprise appearance on stage with the band. Coincidence? I think not! LOL Please watch the entire “minilogue” below. If you want to just see The Killers’ performance, you can jump ahead to 11:06. It is just off the charts wonderful! Stay healthy everyone!

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