MTF RANT! Is Sylvester Stallone REALLY Charging $450 Bucks For A Photo Opp? REALLY! Come On!

Man oh man…

Okay, yeah… I like Sylvester Stallone as much as the next guy, even with his new face but $400 bucks for a quick photo opp… Really? I feel like this is a scene out of SNL with Seth Myers and Amy Poehler! Really? REALLY!

Are these people for real?


Now, I know how sports collectors feel. Every time there’s a signing with a sports celeb the prices are sky high! It’s impossible to be a fan anymore.

This is brought to you by “celebrity authentics” and according to When Nerds Attack they announced that “we will be changing the game!” Apparently that game change is gouging fans. That was an Erica quote! LOL…


Now, WNA emailed Celebrity Authentics and this is what they said…

Thank you for your interest in Celebrity Authentics and the talent we are bringing to the NYCC! Stallone with be at the show on Sunday only and doing autographs and photo ops that day. Autograph tickets are $395.00 and photo op tickets are $450.00. Tickets are limited to approximately 300 autographs and 150 photo ops. Chloe Mortez’s autograph tickets will cost $75.00 and photo ops will cost $95.00 each. We are unsure at this point if she will be there Saturday or Sunday. That will be confirmed soon and tickets will go on sale September 5th at 11:00am EST at Let us know if you have any other questions we can assist you with and we hope to see you in New York!”


original rocky 4 gif I will break you

It’s like… “Well, do I want that photo with Stallone and his new face or make the car payment?” I get it, promoters, stars fees, etc… But really? Does Either Chloe or Stallone need the cash that bad?

Here’s an idea… At the end of every barricade let’s put a bucket and everyone can throw a couple bucks in it. This way we can get better autographs. As The Other Mike said to me, “You can get an “S” for free but if you want “Sly” then it’s $395!”

autograph donation bucket for sylvester stallone

I guess what I don’t get why these guys are devaluing their brand like this. It literally makes them look desperate for cash. Oh you’re a fan and want a photo? $450 smackeros!

I guess Jackie Stallone’s jewelry on Home Shopping Network just isn’t selling as well as it used to.

jackie stallone now HSN Jewelry

And here’s the thing, I understand events and signings like this, and have no problem paying here and there at a show or con. However, to charge that much is just ridiculous.

I’m going to get that bucket, seriously. We’ll call it the signing bucket everyone can donate and then maybe Bruce Willis will actually sign for the fans waiting… OR maybe he’ll take the cash and run.


Yeah, he’ll take the cash and run…

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