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The Avengers UK Movie Premiere! The Scarlet Starlet Meets The Marvel Superheros! With Chris Hemsworth! Scarlett Johansson! Tom Hiddleston! Mark Ruffalo! and More!

The Scarlet Starlet is back kids! Yay! I’m really excited that she took time out to share her experiences at the UK premiere of The Avengers! And on the Eve of it’s release here in States! It always amazes me how different things are in the UK

Anushika’s Celebrity Photo Gallery! Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes And The Change Up Premiere! Tom Felton! Ryan Reynolds! Freida Pinto! Olivia Wilde! Sandra Bullock! Andy Serkis!

It’s been too long since we’ve had a new Anushika’s photo gallery! I know the lovely lass known as Anushika has been busy but we miss her around the Mike The Fanboy studios! That’s what I call my overcrowded office now, The Mike The Fanboy Studios! Lol…