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Fanboy News! Fans Upset At Chris Hemsworth’s High Autograph Price! Kid’s React To Meeting Bubba Wallace Is Priceless! Danica Patrick Booed For Not Signing! And More!

It’s Fanboy News! This week there’s some great stuff including Chris Hemsworth getting grief for his high autograph price. Yep, $200 bucks! CA Autograph Law still under scrutiny, and more! Check out the full recap below! Kid’s Reaction To Getting Bubba Wallace’s Autograph Is Totally Priceless One

Fanboy News! Baseball’s Unusual Autograph Collection! Forgery Ring Prosecuted! Joe Biden Signs Young Biden Photo For Fans! And More!

It’s Fanboy News! Some interesting things this week. A forgery ring is busted, Baseball Pokemon autograph collection and more! Check it out below! ‘Really bro, Pokemon?’ Addison Russell is building baseball’s most unusual autograph collection Corey Seager thought it was a joke. Across the Los Angeles Dodgers

Fanboy News! Trump Ruined Boys Easter After Tossing Signed Hat! Eli Manning Killed Sports Autographs? Poison Bassist Doesn’t Want People Getting Rich Off His Autograph! And More!

It’s Fanboy News! This week there’s Trump being Trump, Eli Manning killed the sports autograph? and More! Trump Just Ruined This Kid’s Day at the Easter Egg Roll President Trump continues to anger constituents of a younger and younger age — this time, at the annual White