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Billy Heads To The SAG Awards! With Aaron Paul! Bryan Cranston! Sigourney Weaver! Jessica Chastain! Justin Timberlake! Bradley Cooper! Amanda Seyfried! Alec Baldwin! Darren Criss! Autographs! Photos! Tina Fey Laughing At Fans! No Lie!

Ah, the SAG Awards! I know I say this again and again but I find it so funny that people can be at the same event and have completely different experiences. It’s just so funny to me. I love it! Anyway, Billy had some success and failure

Ridley Scott talks about the new Alien Prequel and announces….

Sigh, I have sad news. If you were like me you were stoked that director Ridley Scott was prepping a new Alien prequel. This one would take place before Ripley, before the Nostromo, before Joss Whedon’s script for Alien Resurrection would be butchered beyond recognition… Well, Mr.