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Manic Mondays! It’s A 16 Candles Reunion! Pinky Recaps Meeting The Cast Molly Ringwald! Gedde Watanabe! John Cusack! Anthony Michael Hall! And More!

It’s Sixteen Candles! Who doesn’t love the iconic 1980’s John Hughes classic? I mean it’s amazing! If you say “amazing” in a high pitched voice, it’s even better, let me tell you. I’m here recovering with my sad injured back, and thinking… John… Hughes.. Marathon! OMG! And

Manic Mondays! Farmer Ted Knows Her Name! Pinky Talks About Being Besties With Anthony Michael Hall! Weird Science Coolness! Autographs! And More!

Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club Five words everyone who is a fan of 1980s movies or movies in general know very well. Who doesn’t love the film… Along with Vacation, Sixteen Candles, Johnny Be Good, and on and on and on… Hell, what awesome films wasn’t Anthony