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Pop Culture Countdown! Bea Arthur Nakedness! Donna Martin Graduates Is 20! Beyonce May Possibly Be Preggers! Game Of Thrones Baby Names And More! Karalee Counts Em’ Down!

It’s Pop Culture Madness in this weeks Pop Culture Countdown! Karalee is counting down all the goodness and insanity of this week! Man, how is it possible that such insanity occurs every week? How I say? This week, we said goodbye to The Office, Donna Martin graduates

Pop Culture Countdown! Beyonce Only Wants Hand Carved Ice Cubes! Taylor Swift Has 18 Million Bucks In Cash Laying Around! Nicholas Hoult And Jennifer Lawrence Are Back On! Mariah Rents Disneyland! And More! Karalee Counts Em’ Down!

It’s time for Pop Culture Countdown! Yes, the weekly recap of all things cray cray in pop culture as told by our super saucalicous Ms. Karalee! This week there’s tons happening including Red Toilet Paper only for Beyonce! People like Kristen Stewart? Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence