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Awesome Anushika’s Celebrity Photo Gallery! The Final Destination 5 World Movie Premiere! Jaqueline Macinnes-Wood! P.J. Byrne! Nicholas D’agosto!

Another Awesome Anushika photo gallery! Our resident photo expert was out and about trying to catch the American Pie gang at the Final Destination 5 premiere… And while she didn’t get Jason Biggs and Co. she still captured the night magically with her photo lens… Personally, I

Anushika’s Celebrity Photo Gallery! Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes And The Change Up Premiere! Tom Felton! Ryan Reynolds! Freida Pinto! Olivia Wilde! Sandra Bullock! Andy Serkis!

It’s been too long since we’ve had a new Anushika’s photo gallery! I know the lovely lass known as Anushika has been busy but we miss her around the Mike The Fanboy studios! That’s what I call my overcrowded office now, The Mike The Fanboy Studios! Lol…

Anushika’s Celebrity Photo Gallery! The True Blood Season 4 Premiere With Alexander Skarsgard! Nelsan Ellis! Deborah Ann Woll! Stephen Moyer! Rutina Wesley! Sam Trammell!

Clearly all of us at Mike The Fanboy are huge True Blood fans, and since that is an absolute fact I just got in all these photos from the True Blood Season 4 Premiere! This time from our Awesome photographer Anushika! Anushika is blessed by the photography

Anushika’s Celebrity Photo Gallery Featuring The World Movie Premiere Of Green Lantern With Sexy Ryan Reynolds! Tim Robbins! Angela Bassett! Geoff Stults! Blake Lively! Peter Sarsgaard! And More!

Yay, I just got these awesome photos from Awesome Anushika for another edition of Anushika’s Photo Gallery! Clearly, Anushika did better than I did at the Green Lantern premiere, and now she gets to rub it in… I mean share her joy… lol… I’m totally joking, because