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The Walking Dead Paleyfest 2013 Photo Gallery! Erica Gets Some Great Photos From The Panel! Andrew Lincoln! Norman Reedus! Laurie Holden! Steven Yuen! Danai Gurira! Robert Kirkman!

Paleyfest is such a source of happiness and frustration for so many. The Lovely Erica attended this years The Walking Dead panel and didn’t have such a great time. ;/ She did however get a great bunch of photos from the panel that she wanted to share.

An Evening With The Walking Dead! Andrew Lincoln! Norman Reedus! Laurie Holden! Steven Yuen! Lauren Cohen! Robert Kirkman! Gale Anne Hurd! Danai Gurira! Greg Nicotero! Autographs! Photos! And… Tim Allen?

I love me some Walking Dead. It’s one of the best shows to ever hit the airwaves. I’m talking in history. I can’t think of another show that literally kills of the main characters and you really don’t know who will go next. It’s frustrating but awesome.

Ace Pledges His Love For The Walking Dead After Meeting The Cast At The Season 3 Premiere! Norman Reedus! Andrew Lincoln! Laurie Holden! Sarah Wayne Callies! Autographs! Photos! Zombies!

God bless Ace, and God Bless the cast of The Walking Dead for that matter. Ace just sent in this great recap from the premiere. You might have checked out my recap from last week, but Ace was farther down the line than I was, so I