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Super Short Sundays! Monster Style! Scotty Meets Billy Crystal! Charlie Day! John Ratzenberger! And More! Autographs! Photos! Cheers Baby!

I love Scotty’s knack for brevity. In today’s Super Short Sunday (I know there’s not much time left this Sunday, but it’s still Sunday dammit! I don’t have the knack for brevity lol) Scotty is talking about the rest of the awesomeness that was the Monsters University

(Ended) Mike The Fanboy Contest Time! Win An It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Cast Signed Autographed Poster! Woo Hoo! Charlie Day! Kaitlin Olsen! Rob McElhenney! Danny DeVito!

It’s contest time! Lights! Fireworks! Applause! For today kids we have a wonderful prize for you… It’s a hand signed cast poster from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia! Whoo Hooooooooooo… Courtesy of Mike The Fanboy writer CB. This was signed at the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia