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Manic Mondays! Shameel! Shamazel! Pinky Meets The ENTIRE Cast Of Laverne & Shirley! Penny Marshall! Cindy Williams! Michael McKean! David Lander! Eddie Mekka! And More! Retro Autograph Goodness!

It’s still technically monday right? Yep, last I checked. I’m still getting into the groove of things since driving back from SDCC but I was super excited to read today’s Manic Monday! The saucy Ms. Pinky has met the entire cast of the classic series Laverne &

Professor Plum! I Mean Christopher Lloyd Finishes My Clue: The Movie Cast Piece! Erica Meets The Acting Legend And I Finish One Of The Best Movie Casts Of All Time! Autographs! Photos!

Bittersweet! You know, late last year I finished one of my favorite cast pieces of all time. I like working on giant crazy projects. Especially for films, that I love and I’m grown up with. One of those movies and subsequently projects for me has been Clue: