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Tommaso Movie Review! JM says, “It’s a sublime self-portrait brought to life by a headlining and award-worthy performance by Willem Dafoe.”

Always an adventurer, Willem Dafoe defies the odds once again with another exceptionally, entertaining and elevated performance. Abel Ferrara’s ferocious semi-autobiographical “Tommaso” is a meticulously mesmerizing performance of a tortured soul. Filmmaker Tommaso (Willem Dafoe) is an American expat living in Rome with his young wife Nikki

Guns Akimbo Review! JM says it’s a “bloody, batshit crazy movie” and “an entertaining rollercoaster ride…destined to be a cult classic”

“Guns Akimbo” is the bloody, batshit crazy movie you didn’t know you wanted. Daniel Radcliffe runs the show in an entertaining rollercoaster ride filled with videogame violence destined to be a cult classic. Computer programmer Miles Harris (Daniel Radcliffe) allows everyone to push him around at work,