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Autograph Deal Of The Week! Deborah Ann Woll’s Charity Auctions On eBay! Signed True Blood Memorabilia! And More!

Autograph Deal of the Week! This one is a little different but I wanted to share! True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll has been doing some awesome things for Charity. Specifically the The Choroideremia Research Foundation! The Choroideremia Research Foundation, Inc. is an international, not-for-profit charitable organization

Pretty In Pinky! Reporting From The True Blood Season 5 Wrap Party! With Rutina Wesley! Sam Trammell! Ryan Kwanten! Michelle Forbes! Anna Paquin! And More! Autographs! Photos! But Evil Dark Cloud True Blood Stalkers! Ugh…

Have i mentioned by love of True Blood before? Have I? Well, one person to rival my love of the show is ms. Pinky! She loves her some Sam Trammell and i wouldn’t want to be the one who gets in her way! Pinky found out about

True Blood Season 5 Premiere Report! With Alexander Skarsgard! Stephen Moyer! Deborah Ann Wohl! Rutina Wesley! Sam Trammell! Nelson Ellis! Joe Manganiello! Kristin Bauer! Autographs! Photos! and More!

I feel like the True Blood premiere is an annual right of passage at this point. LOL… In fact, I’ve been going to the True Blood premiere’s since they have had them. You can check out last years report here… Wow MTF is officially one year old!