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Billy Beer Recaps His Fanboying In 2012! And Talks About Meeting Charlize Theron! Jessica Alba! Selma Blair! Tom Cruise! Aubrey Plaza! And The Girls From Hooters! Autographs! Photos… And… Well… Hooters!

Sometimes there’s nothing like this hobby to give you a huge rush and thrill. Man, I think we’ve all been there right? Billy Beer wanted to share some of his top moments from 2012 so I figure since this is technically New Years Eve it’s a great

Fanboy Fail Fridays! Pinky Gets Her Little Duran Duran Heart Broken After Attending The John Taylor Book Signing! Doh!

You know, sometimes you build up an event in your mind and you have this perfect picture of what it’s going to be like and then… Well, let’s be honest how many times does it really turn out the way we want it to? For me it’s

Billys Trifecta Of Beautiful Women! Lana Dey Rey Is AMAZING To Fans! Maggie Gyllenhaal Is Really Nice! And Chelsea Handler Is Pretty Damn Cool! Autographs! Photos And More!

BILLY BEER! He’s a drinking, rootin tootin’ autograph machine! He didn’t get one, he didn’t get two, he got three people. Lord, where does the Billy Beer get his energy. I get one thing done, and I’m like, time for bed! LOL… Billy headed out to meet