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Promising Young Woman Movie Review! JM says, “Knockout thrillers like ‘Promising Young Woman’ are exactly why you watch movies.”

Knockout thrillers like “Promising Young Woman” are exactly why you watch movies. Carey Mulligan magnificently dominates the screen in one of her finest film performances to date in Emerald Fennell’s film directorial debut. As the titular “Promising Young Woman,” Cassie’s (Carey Mulligan) flourishing future was derailed by

Let Him Go Review! JM says “Classic Costner wrangles you with his latest pseudo-western… in a gripping thriller.”

Classic Costner wrangles you with his latest pseudo-western. Kevin Costner and Diane Liane headline the gripping thriller, “Let Him Go.” Retired sheriff George Blackledge (Kevin Costner) and Margaret (Diane Lane) are aging ranchers living in Montana maintaining a wonderful life with their son James (Ryan Bruce), daughter-in-law

Kajillionaire Movie Review! JM says, it’s “a tender, thought-provoking comedy and the epitome of what movie gems should be.”

Filmmaker Miranda July returns with “Kajillionaire,” a profoundly phenomenal picture and one of the most original comedies of the year. Evan Rachel Wood, Richard Jenkins and Debra Winger are absolutely spellbinding! Omne trium perfectum, everything in threes is perfect, sums up one con-artist family. Low level criminals