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Super Short Sundays! The Butler Premiere! Scotty Meets Forest Whitaker! James Marsden! Cuba Gooding Jr.! Minka Kelly! But Gets The Oprah Diss! Doh! Autographs! And More!

Man, it’s Butler all around! Not only is it the top movie for the second week in a row, for this weeks Super Short Sunday, Scotty has done a quick (super short quick) recap of The Butler movie premiere. There was heartbreak, there was joy, there was

Cult Classic Corner! Jack Talks About His Love For Fast Times At Ridgemont High! Meeting Cameron Crowe! Amy Heckerling! But Getting Dissed By Sean Penn! Doh!

Today we are launching a new column here at MTF! Cult Classic Corner! (cue applause) Jack is taking the reins on this one and is going to talk about two things he loves… Movies and meeting celebrities! Duh! Have you read this website before? LOL… Naturally, I