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The Last Stand Movie Premiere Report! Billy Beer Misses Arnold Schwarzenegger! He Will Not Be Back! But He Gets Johnny Knoxville! Jaimie Alexander! Rodrigo Santoro! Luis Guzman! Genesis Rodriguez! Autographs! Photos!

Lately premieres, have been so hit and miss! Dammit! I honestly didn’t have anything for Arnold Schwarzenegger I was dying to have signed. I mean, I have stuff… But I didn’t feel like spending an entire day waiting for him. I should be more clear I guess.

10 Years Movie Review And Q And A Recap! Elisa Gets To See The Cast Including Channing Tatum Up Close And Personal!

Ohhh, every time someone gets to meet Channing Tatum I get jealous! I know, I know… but he’s Channing Tatum! And Channing Tatum = Awesome! Elisa, who you might remember from Erica’s Harry Potter ticketing debacle last week, has written an awesome review of the new Channing