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Jekyll or Hyde! Susan Meets X-Files Star Gillian Anderson And She Won’t Even Look At Her! Doh! Autographs! And More!

It’s so interesting, I had a pretty decent encounter with Gillian Anderson while at SDCC however, everyone… and I do mean everyone else I know didn’t have that experience. It’s kind of sad really cause I left super happy (and still worried that Susan was clinging to

Written Revelry! The Novel Strumpet Takes Comic Con! Marvel Press Conference! Captain America! X-Files Reunion! Gillian Anderson! Veronica Routh! Cosplay! And More!

The Novel Strumpet is amazing! I heart her! She just sent in this awesome recap of San Diego Comic Con and let me tell you… It’s awesome! 1. she rocks! and 2. this is awesome! The Strumpet has a great recap of the Marvel press conference, the

Collectormania 19! Lady Samantha Braves The Cold & Meets Lost Star Henry Ian Cusick! Malcolm McDowell! Bernard Cribbins! Lou Ferrigno! As Well As Gillian Anderson! Billie Piper! And More!

I always say, the one thing that is unique about our hobby is that items hold their value or can make money. People who collect Precious Moments, or Beanie Babies can’t say that. LOL… However, when it comes to conventions… They can be steep! The awesome Lady