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Guns Akimbo Review! JM says it’s a “bloody, batshit crazy movie” and “an entertaining rollercoaster ride…destined to be a cult classic”

“Guns Akimbo” is the bloody, batshit crazy movie you didn’t know you wanted. Daniel Radcliffe runs the show in an entertaining rollercoaster ride filled with videogame violence destined to be a cult classic. Computer programmer Miles Harris (Daniel Radcliffe) allows everyone to push him around at work,

New York Comic Con 2012! Stephen Amell! Arrow Cast! 666 Park Avenue Cast! Terry O’Quinn! The Walking Dead! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Thor! And More!

Erica just sent it this great report from the New York Comic Con! I wish I could have gone but alas it just wasn’t meant to be. I need to travel more! That’s my new mission… when my life settles down, lol… Anyway, Erica headed over to