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Billy Beer Recaps His Fanboying In 2012! And Talks About Meeting Charlize Theron! Jessica Alba! Selma Blair! Tom Cruise! Aubrey Plaza! And The Girls From Hooters! Autographs! Photos… And… Well… Hooters!

Sometimes there’s nothing like this hobby to give you a huge rush and thrill. Man, I think we’ve all been there right? Billy Beer wanted to share some of his top moments from 2012 so I figure since this is technically New Years Eve it’s a great

Erica Swallows The Red Pill And Is Able To Meet The Legendary… The Amazing… Lana and Andy Wachowski! Bound! The Matrix! Cloud Atlas! Autographs! Photos! Director Goodness!

Andy Wachowski is quieter than his sister, but approachable even when he’s mock yelling at me since the click Sharpie got ink on his hand. (I tell him that he’s waterproof and it’ll wash off and he laughs.) Andy signs my poster and when he sees Lana’s