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It’s A Night Of Too Many Stars For Elisa In The Big Apple! With Jerry Seinfeld! Julianne Moore! Tom Hanks! Dane Cook! Jack Mcbrayer! Jason Sudeikis! Louis CK! And More! Autographs! Awesomeness!

Man, what a night! Elisa from the Big Apple just sent in this awesome report from the “Night of Too Many Stars” in New York! And let me tell you, she got some great people. Julianne Moore!! Dying for Julianne Moore! She also got Jerry Seinfeld, Tom

Erica Swallows The Red Pill And Is Able To Meet The Legendary… The Amazing… Lana and Andy Wachowski! Bound! The Matrix! Cloud Atlas! Autographs! Photos! Director Goodness!

Andy Wachowski is quieter than his sister, but approachable even when he’s mock yelling at me since the click Sharpie got ink on his hand. (I tell him that he’s waterproof and it’ll wash off and he laughs.) Andy signs my poster and when he sees Lana’s