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TV Heartbeat! White Collar Returns! The Chair Picks A Winner! Sam Heughan Christmas fun! The Comeback is Back! Chicago Fire, Law & Order SVU, Chicago PD Crossover!

White Collar begins the final con this Thursday with the sixth and final season of the hit show. It’s an abbreviated season (only 6 episodes) so strap in! In the premiere, we pick up where we left off, with Neal’s disappearance. The FBI and Peter assume that

Jekyll or Hyde! Pierce Brosnan Looks At Susan And Says, “That’s It!” Hey 007 I Know Someone Who Wants To Shake And Stir You! Doh! Autograph Fail!

There’s one thing about Suddenly Susan, she doesn’t mince words. When she’s not happy, she lets you know. She lays it straight and like that. No second guessing. She thinks you’re being a jerk, she says “You’re being a jerk.” Love it! And today, that jerk is