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Awesome Anushika’s Photo Gallery! The Neil Patrick Harris Star Ceremony! With Jason Segel! Joss Whedon! David Burtka!

Awesome Anushika is back, and this time it’s personal! lol… No, Anushika never went away she just is busy with life and liberty and making sure we are all safe from disease and fungus… Thank the Lord! We have a special Awesome Anushika’s photo gallery today though!

Walt Disney’s D23 Inside The Walt Disney Studios Panel! The Avengers Cast with Chris Hemsworth! Robert Downey Jr.! Scarlett Johansson! John Carter From Mars with Taylor Kitsch! The Muppets with Jason Segel and Miss Piggy! Monsters University with Billy Crystal! And More!

It’s time to start the music! It’s time to light the light! It’s time to get things started!! Why don’t you get things started?!?!? It’s time to get things started! Today was the main event of the D23 Expo, (at least for me)! It’s the Walt Disney