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TV Heartbeat Interview! The Cast of Orphan Black Hints at What’s Ahead in Season 3! Cophine! Team Hendrix! Major Paul! The Crazy Boys of Project Castor!

Orphan Black is back this week!!!! Oh how I’ve missed this truly original and addictive show! Fast, smart, unexpected and fascinating, the third season critical and popular hit BBC America series will start up on Saturday, April 18th. Can’t wait any longer? At Wondercon, I was lucky

Meeting The Cast Of BBC America’s Orphan Black! Erica Talks About Her Love Of The Series! With Tatiana Maslany! Dylan Bruce! Jordan Gavaris! John Fawcett! Graeme Manson! Autographs! And More

Erica is a huge fan of the BBC series Orphan Black. I keep hearing all these amazing things about the show and wanted to check out the panel but alas there was just too much happening to get to it. A huge priority of Erica’s was getting