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Susan Gets Dissed 5 Times In One Day By Luke Bryan! But She Meets The Country Star As Well As Josh Duhamel! Autographs! Photos! Awesomeness!

Random days in Hollywood… I always wonder sometimes why things become so difficult when there’s only a few people, no pushing, that should be super easy right? RIGHT!? Well, Suddenly Susan put on her shit kickers, grabbed her Luke Bryan magazine, her Josh Duhamel photo and was

Anushika and Erica’s Photo Gallery From The New Years Eve World Movie Premiere! With Ashton Kutcher! Katherine Heigl! Michelle Pfeiffer! Josh Duhamel! Lea Michele! Hilary Swank! Zac Efron!

I personally had an amazing night at the New Year’s Eve premiere here in the heart of Hollywood… Now, I know not everyone did as well as I did, but all I can say is… I’m excited! LOL… Awesome Anushika sent in her photos from the night