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Throwback! Scotty Gets His Thanksgiving Miracle! He Gets To Meet Legendary Dick Van Dyke Along With Carl Reiner and Michele Lee At A Q And A For The Comic! Autographs! Photos! Chim Chim Cheree!

Scotty has been trying and trying to meet legendary actor Mr. Dick Van Dyke for what seems like at least eight years. I wish I was exaggerating. Honestly, it’s been a mission for him. He was rejected one on one, in a crowed, etc… So, when I

Comic Book Crossover! Jim Checks Out Fantastic Fest! Meeting Keanu Reeves! Alex Winter! Ethan Embry! And He Talks Forever Evil 2! Autographs!

Welcome back to another installment of Comics Smash! Or… Let’s Get Graphic Or… New comics Rundown? Hmmm… Okay, we’re still working it out. We got some fun suggestions which I appreciate, but we’re still deciding… In the meantime… Jim headed down to Fantastic Fest and had an

Billy Beer Nukes The Fridge! Meeting The Willy Wonka Kids! Stan Lee! WWE Stars Kelly Kelly! And Demolition! Sara Jean Underwood! And More! Autographs! Photos!

Suddenly Susan did a great article on the last Nuke The Fridge Con and now Billy Beer has decided to write about his experience’s as well. Billy loves his wrestlers, let me tell you, he loves them! LOL… He also was able to get a group photo