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Veronica Mars On Location! The High School Reunion! Meeting Kristen Bell! Tina Majorino! Jason Dohring! Percy Daggs III! Chris Lowell! Amanda Noret! Autographs! Photos! Neptune high Awesomeness!

Veronica Mars! Picture Jake Kane saying that with passion… Let’s try it again… Veronica Mars! Better! Now, you might have seen my previous post about heading down to the filming location of the Veronica Mars filming location. Well, after getting a frenzied call from Liz, AKA Marshmallow

Hit and Run Movie Premiere Report! With Veronica Mars… I Mean Kristen Bell! Bradley Cooper! Ryan Hanson! David Koechner! And Yes, Dax Shepard! Autographs! Photos and More!

God bless Billy Beer! You know if it wasn’t for a certain French Bulldog I would have check out the Hit and Run premiere myself. You see, I totally love Ms. Kristen Bell, but since she has been with Dax Shepard, let’s just say Ms. Kristen Bell