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Forgotten Films! The 2000 Thriller Gossip! Starring Norman Reedus! Kate Hudson! Lena Headey and James Marsden!

This week’s #tbt #ForgottenMovies goes to the 2000 “thriller” film “Gossip” starring the then unknown/up-and-coming cast of…James Marsden, Lena Headey, Norman Reedus, Kate Hudson, Joshua Jackson, and bigger names Edward James Olmos and Eric Bogosian. Marsden, Headey, and Reedus are college students as well as roommates. They all take a

Forgotten Films! Whispers In The Dark! The 1990s Psychosexual Thriller Starring Annabella Sciorra and Anthony LaPaglia!

Today’s #tbt #ForgottenMovies goes to this humdinger…the 90s psychosexual thriller “Whispers In The Dark”, starring Annabella Sciorra, Deborah Kara Unger, Alan Alda, Jamey Sheridan, John Leguizamo, and Anthony LaPaglia (a 90s cast if you’ve ever heard of one!) Sciorra plays psychiatrist Ann Hecker, who becomes intrigued by the revelations

Forgotten Films! The Omega Man! The 1970s Sci-fi/horror Gem Stars Charlton Heston and Is The Precursor To I Am Legend!

Todays #tbt #ForgottenMovies goes to the 70s sci-fi/horror gem “The Omega Man”, starring Charlton Heston. In 1975, a Sino-Soviet border conflict escalates into worldwide biological warfare, which kills most of the world’s population. U.S. Army Col. Robert Neville, M.D., is a scientist based in Los Angeles. As he begins