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Fanboy Fail Friday! Jon Bon Jovi Ignores! Nicole Kidman Dashes By! Elisabeth Shue Is A No Show! Doh! Autograph Madness And Sadness! But Meeting Colin Egglesfield! Jeri Ryan! Alan Ritchson!

There’s something about random events I hate. Either the guest looks too good to be true, or there’s no one interesting, or no one shows up, or that one random name you’ve been dying to meet never shows up. Well, this event was a little bit of

Pretty In Pinky Live From Sundance 2013! Her Top Photos And Nicest Celebrities Of The Festival! With Nicole Kidman! Toni Collette! And… I Don’t Need To Say More! My Jealousy Speaks For Itself!

For her second to last report live from the Sundance Film Festival, the saucey Ms. Pinky is reporting on her most fabulous gets from the fest… I’m going to coin that term.. Gets From The Fest… I’m slap happy forgive me. Anyway, Pinky had that amazing fortune