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Pretty In Pinky! 4th Of July Edition! Meeting The Cast Of American Pie! Jason Biggs! Seann William Scott! Chris Klein! Mena Suvari! Tons More!

It’s The 4th of July, time to think about all things American… America flags, American fireworks, American food, American Pie… Yep, you heard that one right… American Pie. There’s nothing more American than that right? So, I asked the delightful Ms. Pinky to do a little recap

Throwback Thurs! Emma Watson Goodness! The Bling Ring Movie Premiere Report! With Claire Julien! Georgia Rock! Taissa Farmiga! Katie Chang! Israel Broussard! Sofia Coppola! Gwen Stefani! Paris Hilton!

For this weeks Throwback Thurs, I was thinking, everyone is talking about the new Beauty and the Beast movie and so I was like, Oh, Emma Watson! I got Emma once at The Bling Ring premiere and even though I was super late, it all worked out