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Mank Movie Review! JM says, it’s an “Overrated Oscar Bait Biopic,” but does have a “tour-de-force performance by Gary Oldman.”

Hollywood’s history continues capturing the hearts of moviegoers seamlessly generation after generation. Classic Hollywood has helped inspire fan films around the world to attend arthouse revivals, special screenings, drive-ins and various film festivals celebrating its rich history to learn about the past. There’s something invigorating and inspiring

MTF On Location! Fanboying Venice! The Venice Canals and The Filming Locations For Romy and Michele! Valentine’s Day! A Nightmare On Elm Street! LA Story! Touch Of Evil! The Net and More!

The other day a few friends of mine were like… We should check out Venice. I was like.. Hmmmm… this sounds like a prime Fanboying opportunity! I don’t really get out to Venice much and there have been a few filming locations I’ve wanted to check out.