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Outlander Recap and Reflection #113! Childbirth! Betrayal! Blackmail! Final Outlander Contest of the Season!

The final half of the second half of the first season of Outlander! (Translation: Big action ahead!) This week we learn that life is anything but simple in lovely Lallybroch and we also kick off our final Outlander swag giveaway of the season! Recap – Episode #113

Outlander Recap and Reflection! Episode 109 “The Reckoning” Swag Giveaway! The Scoop On What’s Happening With Claire And Jamie!

#Droutlander is officially over! We have arrived at the magical oasis and finally drunk from the…stinky spring that lets everyone know we are not lying when we say…FINALLY OUTLANDER HAS RETURNED TO US! Batten down the hatches everyone. If the rest of the season is anything like

Outlander Recap and Reflection! Mid-Season Finale! The Not So Blissful Honeymoon! Will Claire Stay with Jamie or Go Back to Frank? Last Chance to Win this Outlander Prize Pack!

Have you recovered from the wedding yet? If your heart didn’t stop then, then it very well may during this episode! It’s the mid-season finale! After such anticipation for the wedding night (ahem!), this was a great, emotional way to cap of the half season. As many

Outlander Recap and Reflection! The Big Wedding! Meet Jamie and Claire Fraser! Enter our Outlander Contest!

The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived! The wedding of James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser to Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp! The format for this episode is quite different and there are quite a few changes from the book so we definitely want to hear what you think

Outlander Recap and Reflection! Claire’s Decision! The Black Soul of Black Jack Randall! Our Outlander Prize Pack contest!

At last! After that surprise cliffhanger ending last week (ugh!!!) we finally learn what Claire decides to do now that she’s got a chance to escape Dougal and head off with the English army! Recap – Episode #106 “The Garrison Commander” When we last saw our heroine,

Outlander Recap and Reflection! Life on the Road with the MacKenzies! Dougal’s Agenda Revealed! Win our New Outlander Prize Pack!

Tonight’s episode marks the midpoint for the fall season of Outlander. It’s been great to date and we still have some major moments yet to come! We’re launching our next Outlander prize pack so enter below for your chance to take home some Outlander swag! But first,

Outlander Recap and Reflection! Claire Tries To Escape! Men in Kilts at the Gathering! Author Diana Gabaldon’s Cameo! Last Week for the First Outlander Prize Pack Contest!

Recap – Episode #104 “The Gathering” Members of Clan MacKenzie are visiting from far and wide and Claire can’t wait to use the Gathering as an opportunity to escape Castle Leoch and head back to Craigh na Dun and home. For the past weeks she’s been scouting

Outlander Recap and Reflection! Settling Into Life as the MacKenzie “Guest”! Witchery Brewing! Exorcisms! Win an Outlander Prize Pack!

Welcome back readers to this week’s Recap and Reflection of Outlander’s third episode!  Claire is adjusting to life at the castle and working to convince people she isn’t an English spy. Here’s a look at the episode, our take on how things went and another chance to