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Fanboy Fail Friday! Rachel McAdams Edition! Scotty… Success! Ace… Success! Jack… Total Fail! Say Wha? Just Missing The Queen Of The Plastics! And On A German Lobby Card No Less! Doh!

It’s so funny… Three people go an event and ALL THREE have different experiences! How is that possible? Oh, wait… We’re collectors. I love it honestly, I mean I find it so interesting on a sociological level. Not that I want anyone to have a fail, let

Pop Culture Countdown! Chris Brown Teams With J-Lo? Bradley Cooper Does Math? Lindsay Parties After Rehab? Rachel McAdams Tries To Get With Ryan Gosling! Karalee Counts Em’ Down!

It’s time for Pop Culture Countdown! You need to really read that like a wrestling announcer would say it. Okay… Let’s do it again… It’s time for POP CULTURE COUNTDOWN! See… SEE! Much better. For this weeks roundup the Koolness that is Karalee talks some Rachel McAdams,