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TV Heartbeat! Binge on Holiday Marathons! A Preview of the New Mid-Season Shows!

Happy holidays everyone! With the expectations that everyone is out partying/traveling, we basically have some marathons this week and that’s about it. We’ll start to get more fresh programming next week so hang on! For the people who reading this and haven’t seen Outlander yet (I imagine

TV Heartbeat Comic Con preview! A Guide to What’s Happening in TV! Panels and Meet Ups! What’s Newsworthy! SDCC 2014!

Starting Wednesday, San Diego becomes the pop culture center of the world with Comic Con’s five hectic days of movies, TV, comics and games. Out of the 200 TV-related panels, here’s my handy dandy little guide to help you prioritize your valuable time! Wednesday Screenings: Wednesday and

Veronica Mars On Location! The High School Reunion! Meeting Kristen Bell! Tina Majorino! Jason Dohring! Percy Daggs III! Chris Lowell! Amanda Noret! Autographs! Photos! Neptune high Awesomeness!

Veronica Mars! Picture Jake Kane saying that with passion… Let’s try it again… Veronica Mars! Better! Now, you might have seen my previous post about heading down to the filming location of the Veronica Mars filming location. Well, after getting a frenzied call from Liz, AKA Marshmallow