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Throwback Thurs! The Avengers Movie Premiere! Chris Hemsworth! Chris Evans! Joss Whedon! Samuel L. Jackson! Stan Lee! Jeremy Renner! Scarlett Johansson! Clark Gregg! Jon Favreau!Autographs!

Endgame opens friday and I thought what a perfect time to do a flashback to the original Avengers premiere. This was a blast. And everyone was so nice! This was such an amazing premiere, getting an almost complete Avengers cast photo? Never going to happen again! Check

Cult Classic Corner! Every Legend Has An Interesting Life Or Meeting “Chaplin” AKA Iron Man! ROBERT DOWNEY JR.! Autographs! Photos! Fan Friendly Coolness!

I know when you say the name Robert Downey Jr. people immediately think of a little film called Iron Man. What? Crazy right? I know! However, there was a time that Robert Downey Jr. made his mark in small quirky indie films such as Chaplin, Heart and