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Cult Classic Corner! Every Legend Has An Interesting Life Or Meeting “Chaplin” AKA Iron Man! ROBERT DOWNEY JR.! Autographs! Photos! Fan Friendly Coolness!

I know when you say the name Robert Downey Jr. people immediately think of a little film called Iron Man. What? Crazy right? I know! However, there was a time that Robert Downey Jr. made his mark in small quirky indie films such as Chaplin, Heart and

Karalee’s Awesome Photos From The Iron Man 3 Premiere! Robert Downey Jr.! Don Cheadle! Jamie Alexander! Guy Pierce! Zachary Levi! Cobie Smulders! Autographs! Photos! And More!

The awesome Karalee was out and about at the Iron Man 3 premiere and I’m sure you read Billy Beer’s full report on the event. Karalee is an awesome photographer and sent me all of her photos from the event. Relive it again guys. I’m sad, yet