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Cult Classic Corner! Jack Is All Hot…Wet… And American! Dissecting Wet Hot American Summer And Meeting David Wain! Michael Showalter! Ken Marino! And Janeane Garofalo! Autographs!

There are so many awesome films that are practically dismissed upon their original theatrical run only to find an audience later on… I’m looking at you Clue: The Movie, Almost Famous, Troop Beverly Hills, etc… The very definition of Cult Classics! For this weeks Cult Classic Corner,

MTF On Location! Fanboying Venice! The Venice Canals and The Filming Locations For Romy and Michele! Valentine’s Day! A Nightmare On Elm Street! LA Story! Touch Of Evil! The Net and More!

The other day a few friends of mine were like… We should check out Venice. I was like.. Hmmmm… this sounds like a prime Fanboying opportunity! I don’t really get out to Venice much and there have been a few filming locations I’ve wanted to check out.