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Ain’t Them Bodies Saints New York Movie Premiere Report! Justin Gets Awesome Success From Rooney Mara! Richard Gere! Chris Rock! But Disses From Ben Foster! Robin Wright! Melissa George! And More!

I just got this great recap from Justin from the Ain’t Them Bodies Saints movie premiere in New York City. You may remember Justin’s recap of the Lovelace premiere a couple weeks ago. This time he got some awesome successes from Rooney Mara, Richard Gere, Chris Rock,

Pretty In Pinky At Sundance 2013! Michael Cera Is Douche Of The Day! Missing Ethan Hawke Devastation! Michael C. Hall! Rooney Mara! Adrian Grenier! Photos! Autographs! Arctic Tundra!

It’s on people! For her second Sundance recap, the colorful Ms. Pinky is mad and she’s not going to take it anymore… Actually, she’s tired and ready for bed… However, with the couple days she’s had, I’m tired just hearing about it! Pinky is a tad devastated