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Written Revelry: Novel Strumpet’s Hot Mojave Knights 2013 Book Convention Recap! Vegas, Authors and Shenanigans Galore!

Back in October I got to attend the first ever “Hot Mojave Knights” book convention in Las Vegas, NV.  I really didn’t know what to expect, but some good blogger friends of mine – Kelly “DemonLover” and Heather “BookSavvyBabe” – were lending a helping hand for the

The Lovely Erica Talks Marvel’s The Avengers At New York Comic Con 2011! Clark Gregg! Cobie Smuthers! Chris Evans! Tom Hiddleston! Autographs! Props! Costumes!Avengers Unite!

Sigh, I’m so jealous, while I’m here nursing a fever on the couch and rewatching the Facts of Life season 5 on DVD, The Lovely Erica is out and about in the Big Apple. You see this weekend is the New York City Comic Con and Erica