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The Movie Maven Declares Jonah Hill “Hilarious” and a Thousand Fanboys Weep! Sadness… Also Reviews of Hop! In The Land Of Blood and Honey! The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo! and More!

The Movie Maven is back… Finally! and let me tell you, there is a controversy abrewin’… I love using abrewin’ it’s just fun. The controversy… This quote from the Maven, “I love Jonah Hill I think he is hilarious” Now, I’m sorry… but really? REALLY! Hilarious! Hilarious

The Movie Maven Is Ready To Cut Footloose! Hates The Shirtless Naked Men In Immortals! and Says Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill Isn’t Half Bad… I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Little…

Oh, the Movie Maven strikes again! This week our resident Maven talks about new releases from Redbox, Netflix and Amazon including Jack and Jill… Sigh… Footloose, the naked male sword and sandals epic Immortals and more! Jack and Jill really? Couldn’t they have just burned the negatives