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Winona Ryder Talks Beetlejuice 2! It’s Showtime People!

It seems everyone has been talking Beetlejuice 2. Tim Burton is talking about directing the new film, Michael Keaton said he’s in and now… Winona Ryder has been saying it might be a go! According to EW Winona Ryder said, “I’m kind of sworn to secrecy, But

Anushika’s Photo Gallery From The Dark Shadows World Movie Premiere! With Johnny Depp! Jackie Earle Haley! Chloe Moretz and More! Autographs! Photos! Sexy Johnny Depp! Oh La La!

Awesome Anushika we miss you! Sigh… What am I going to do with her! Anushika needs to Fangirl more often. And you’ll see why… The amazing photos she got at the Dark Shadows premiere are just… well… amazing! God bless her! I mean it. Anushika loves Johnny