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Super Short Sunday! Scotty Chooses Life After Meeting Underworld! The Trainspotting Soundtrack Mastro’s Are Awesome! Autographs! Photos! And More!

Super Short Sunday – Underworld Edition October 29, 2023 By: Scott One of my favorite electronic groups is Underworld.  I have enjoyed their music ever since first hearing the single “Born Slippy. NUXX”.  As a music fan, I would have thought I would have seen the group

The Movie Maven Drools Over Kate Beckinsale in Black Leather! Hates On Channing Tatum! Says Watching Katherine Heigl is Like Looking At Road Kill! and Wants To Lose All Found Footage Movies in This Weeks Netflix and DVD Roundup!

Just in time for the Memorial Day holiday comes The Movie Maven’s recap. Whoo to the Hoo… and even though the holiday is almost over the Maven has been busy dishing on the new films out on DVD and Netfilx! Among the new releases are two of