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The Day I Met Mary Louise Parker… Captured On VIDEO! Oh Yeah My Insanity Is Recorded For The World To See! Nancy Botwin! Weeds! Autographs! Mary Louis Parker Sexiness!

It’s almost like I’m a glutton for punishment… I mean it. No only did I get beasted in Pinky’s latest Pretty in Pinky column, but I just was doing a little web searching and found… The most ridiculous thing ever… Me meeting Mary Louis Parker at the

2012 Independent Spirit Awards Report! Autographs! Photos! Olivia Wilde! Michelle Williams! Alexander Skarsgard! Willem Dafoe! Kirsten Dunst! Zoe Saldana! Chris Pine! Willem Dafoe! Jessica Chastain!

Oh, the mornings… The mornings are not my favorite thing. Combine mornings with sand and really, it’s like torment. Yet, still… Here, I am up and running at the crack of dawn… Why you may ask? It’s the Independent Spirit Awards 2012! And if you read my