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TV Heartbeat! Binge on Holiday Marathons! A Preview of the New Mid-Season Shows!

Happy holidays everyone! With the expectations that everyone is out partying/traveling, we basically have some marathons this week and that’s about it. We’ll start to get more fresh programming next week so hang on! For the people who reading this and haven’t seen Outlander yet (I imagine

Pretty In Pinky: Sundance Film Festival Day 2! With A Richard Gere Diss! Will Forte! Christina Hendricks! Cillian Murphy! Natasha Bedingfield and more!

My God… There be snow in Sundance! That’s crazy. I remember snow… It’s white, cold and fluffy… Ugh… There was one winter back in Michigan I remember I couldn’t even open the side door to my house. I’m talking snowdrifts, so when I saw Pinky’s video on